Door Control Unit with Fixed Cylinder

DCU with one fixed cylinder
Part #100323

Additional fixed cylinder and extension cable
Part #100026
Door Control Unit with Fixed Cylinder

The INTELLIKEY Door Control Unit (DCU) is an interface that allows the standard lock controller to control electrified hardware such as electric strikes or magnetic locks. These units typically work with a fixed cylinder in which a key is inserted, but not turned, to operate the locking mechanism.

The standard DCU is supplied with one cylinder installed in a standard sized cover plate suitable for wall mounting. An extra cylinder and cable assembly is available for use where an egress cylinder is required.

The DCU is also available in a smaller version that mounts directly on the door in the same package as the lock electronics.

Electrical Specifications
  • Requires 12V or 24VDC regulated and filtered power supply with battery backup
  • 12VDC @ 250mA / 24VDC @ 125 mA
  • Pre-assembled housing, controller and relay board suitable for wall mounting
  • Fixed cylinder
  • Two (2) cylinder ports
  • 20-foot (6.1m) extension cable
  • Electronic cylinder (626) assembled in standard size cover plate with extra slim line cover plate
  • Door loop
Additional Cylinder and Extension Cable
  • One (1) fixed, non-rotating electronic cylinder installed in a standard style cover plate
  • Extra slim-line cover for additional controller (if needed)
  • 20 ft. (6.1m) extension cable
  1. A separate power supply with backup batteries is required.
  2. Some applications may require push buttons and door position switches.