INTELLIKEY Service Bulletin

 Bulletin #   SB000001 
 Topic   Y2K Compatibility of the Restricted Authorization Key 
 Date   Jan 20, 2000 

INTELLIKEY's Restricted Authorization Key (RAK) is based on the Psion Organizer, which is not Y2K compatible in its handling of dates. However, the RAK and lock controller are designed to correctly interpret the date information provided by the Organizer, and convert it to the proper date, adjusted for the 1999 - 2000 transition.

When the RAK is used to set the date and time in a controller, the RAK's display will show an incorrect date, typically showing a date and weekday corresponding to the early 1900s rather than the early 2000s. The lock's date and time are set correctly.

When the RAK is used to read the controller's date and time, the information is displayed correctly with a 2-digit year.