INTELLIKEY Service Bulletin

 Bulletin #   SB040001 
 Topic   Lubrication of Cylinders 
 Date   Jun 02, 2004 

All INTELLIKEY cylinders should be periodically treated with Corrosion Block (INTELLIKEY part 100795) to resist corrosion of the electrical contacts and prevent excessive wear to the core (plug) of the cylinder.

Cylinders mounted on external doors, or with more than 100 transactions per day, should be treated once a month, while all other cylinders should be treated at least every six months.

Failure to use Corrosion Block, particularly in certain adverse environments, could result in corrosion or wear leading in invalidation of the INTELLIKEY warranty on the cylinder concerned.

Use of non-approved lubricants (e.g. WD40) could also lead to invalidation if a failure occurs due to their use. Use of any graphite-based lubricant will invalidate the warranty and could damage the INTELLIKEY cylinder and Controller

Corrosion Block should be applied into the keyhole of the cylinder (one to two squirts) with particular attention being paid to the electrical contact within. Following application an INTELLIKEY key should be inserted and the cylinder core rotated several times to distribute the lubricant fully.