INTELLIKEY Service Bulletin

 Bulletin #   SB040002 
 Topic   USB-To-Serial Adapters 
 Date   Mar 10, 2009 

The INTELLIKEY Key Processing Unit (KPU) and Lock Programming Unit (LPU) interface through serial communication ports to the PC running the INTELLIKEY software. Recent models PCs, especially laptops, omit the serial ports in favor of newer, more versatile interfaces such as the Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Until the INTELLIKEY equipment has been updated to support these new interfaces, it will be necessary to use adaptors that simulate serial ports when running the INTELLIKEY software.

The INTELLIKEY software does not make any special demands on the serial port, so most of the available adaptors should work correctly. The software has been tested with the following models:

Socket CommunicationsSocket S-I/ PC Card

The following models are not supported: