Electronic Cylinders

Electronic Cylinder
Part #100295 Finish: 605
Part #101035 Finish: 613
Part #100297 Finish: 626

Rim Cylinder Kit
Part #100379 Finish: 626
Electronic Mortise/Rim Cylinders

The INTELLIKEY Electronic Cylinder is the interface between the Intelligent Key and the Lock Controller. The cylinder's secure infrared optics allow the key and controller to exchange access information to allow the controller to decide whether the key should be granted access. If the key is authorized, the cylinder's electronics can unlock, allowing the key to be turned to activate the door's locking mechanism.

INTELLIKEY has electronic cylinders to retrofit all standard mortise locksets, key switches and most rim cylinder applications*.

A Typical Cylinder Kit includes
  • Electronic cylinder
  • Security cylinder collar
  • Full ouput terminal connectors
  • Cams for use with Corbin Russwin®, Yale®, Sargent®, Adams Rite® and Schlage® locks
*Rim Cylinder Kit required (see part #100379) for use with rim devices