Dealer Front End Package
Part #100524
Dealer Front End Package

The Dealer Front End package contains the components a dealer or service center would need to set up and maintain several small customer sites. It includes a version of INTELLIKEY's Quantum Plus software designed to create and support several sites, as well as the tools needed to install and service INTELLIKEY lock controllers.

The package also includes a demo kit for promotion and sales of the INTELLIKEY system.

  • Quantum Plus Multi-Site software
  • SiteCode keys for creating several customer sites
  • 10 end-user (black) keys
  • Key Processing Unit (KPU)
  • Lock Programming Unit (LPU)
  • Spanner screwdriver
  • 2 Emergency Power Unit-Keys (EPU-K)
  • Battery tester
  • Corrosion Block
  • Hardware installation video
  • Slim-line demo mounted in plexiglass with 2 unprogrammed end-user (black) keys
  • Slim Line controller
  • Rim cylinder kit