Single Site Front-End Package

Quantum Plus Front-End Package
Part #101312
INTELLIKEY Front End Package

The Front-End package contains all the components needed for a facility to set up and manage its ACS4000 access control system. The package contains a copy of INTELLIKEY's Quantum Plus software, and the equipment needed to program and interrogate Intelligent Locks and Keys. It also includes tools for installing and servicing INTELLIKEY locks.

Intelligent locks and keys are purchased separately.

  • Quantum Plus software
  • SiteCode Key for secure software installation
  • Key Processing Unit (KPU)
  • Lock Programming Unit (LPU) with Emergency Power Unit (EPU-L clip)
  • 2 Emergency Power Unit-Keys (EPU-K)
  • Spanner screwdriver
  • Corrosion block
  • Hardware installation video
  • USB adapter