Intelligent Keys

Intelligent Key - Black
Part #100393

Intelligent Key - Clear
Special order only
Part #100989

Intelligent Key - Blue
Special order only
Part #101586

Intelligent Key - Green
Special order only
Part #101587
Intelligent Key Applications
The Intelligent Key is the heart of the INTELLIKEY access control system. The Key's memory carries the access control and personal identity information for a keyholder. The INTELLIKEY intelligent lock controller reads this information to determine if the keyholder should be granted access. This determination is based on features selected for the keyholder, and includes such factors as location and time. The Key also records in its memory an audit trail of the locks in which it has been used. This combination of individualized features and accountability makes the Intelligent Key a powerful component of your access control system.
Intelligent Key Features include:
  • Access restriction
  • Audit
  • Lock/cylinder update and programming
  • Time zone control
  • Self-authorizing of the key and/or lock
  • Life span
Black keys are standard facility (End-User) keys.
Keys are available in other colors by special order. Please call INTELLIKEY for minimum quantity, pricing and delivery.