Electronic Cylinder with Standard Controller

With alkaline battery
Part #100002 Finish: 626

With lithium battery
Part #101451 Finish: 626
Standard Controller and Electronic Lock Cylinder

The Intelligent Lock Controller is the decision-making component of the INTELLIKEY system. The electronic controller communicates with the Intelligent Key to read the key's programmed access information and decide if the key should be granted access.

There are controller housings available to fit any mounting arrangement.

Controller Features
  • Small footprint suitable for surface mounting on most standard wood and hollow metal doors
  • Battery operated (line power optional)
  • Records an audit trail up to 1000 transactions
  • Built-in real-time clock and calendar with DST adjustment
  • Patented process protects against electrostatic discharge
  • 2 cylinder ports for double cylinder application
  • Electronic cylinders available to retrofit all standard mortise locksets and most rim cylinder applications
Includes: Standard Controller
  • Pre-assembled electronics and mounting plate
  • Electronic lock cylinder with security cylinder collar
  • Escutcheon and gasket
  • Alkaline or lithium battery pack
  • Coin cell battery for clock function
  • Mounting hardware/fasteners
  • External power interface
  • 2 cylinder inputs
  • Cams for use with Corbin Russwin®,Yale®, Sargent®, Adams Rite® and Schlage® locks
  1. The mortise cylinder included can be converted for use in applications with the addition of the Rim Cylinder Kit (part#100379).
  2. Use of Cold Pack Battery is required for applications below 32°F/0°C and non Fire-Rated doors.