INTELLIKEY is the most advanced access control system available today. Designed around state-of-the-art electronics, this unique locking system features computers in both the controller and the key. These two computers exchange access information with each other, make decisions relating to access, and keep records of their activities.

This distributed processing concept gives INTELLIKEY its versatility. Each component in the system has the intelligence to carry out many functions. By developing smart building blocks, INTELLIKEY is able to provide the features and system you need.

INTELLIKEY was designed as a retrofittable, stand-alone access control system. Retrofittable means that the INTELLIKEY electronic controller works with your existing locking hardware, preserving your security investment while providing enhanced access control. Stand-alone means that each controller unit is independent, and makes all access control decisions on the spot. There is no need for connection to a central controller, thus reducing cost and simplifying installation.

INTELLIKEY System Features